Don't just Break through!  SMASH through any Obstacles holding You back from Enjoying and playing better Golf!

CLICK HERE for information about a RECHARGE for Your Golf Club - "Golf's Greatest Secrete - Conquering the Mental Game".  This can be a great joint venture with a Golf Club or Professional Golf Instructor / Pro.

Has Your golf game gone to the dogs?  Give me a track and get back on track!

My goal is to help You develop more Confidence, Focus, and to be able to Trust Your instincts, judgment, and skills to play better Golf and of course LOWER Your Score!
Ever feel like your Golf game is going to the Dogs???
Congratulations! You must have decided You want to improve your Mental Golf Game.
You were probably referred to me by one of Your Golfing buddies, maybe a Golf Pro or Instructor, or maybe You just did a search on the internet.
However You found me, I'm glad You did!
And after we get to working together on Your Mental Golf Game and You begin to correct some of those glitches, I'm sure You will too.

Now even though my office is in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex - I'm available for group or individual Coaching programs all over the world. You company or group might even want to arrange a cruise or a resort setting for a special program You have in mind. One thing to think about here -- I DO NOT do RETREATS! But I will be glad to talk to You about a RECHARGE! That's just an example of how we're going to help You change Your language.
If You're looking for a swing Coach to help with Your Golf mechanics - I'm not Your guy. There are plenty of great instructors out there who can help You with that. I'm an expert in the Mental aspects of the game and even offer classes to Golf Instructors to help them better understand how to work with their clients in this area.

Trust Your Swing and Enjoy Your Game More!

And if You're a PGA /LPGA Golfer or have aspirations of being a Golf Pro, yes I can do intensive work with You and even travel.

Do You ever just look at the Golf ball and wonder what it's thinking? Maybe Your Golf ball is wondering what You're thinking? Maybe, just maybe it's time to stop thinking and start improving on Your Golf game and Enjoying Your game more!

Many Golfers tell me they think the Golf Ball has a Mind of its own.  They may be right!

William C. Smith

  • Alpha Process Coach
  • NGH Certified Golf Specialist
  • NGH Board Certified Hypnotist
  • NGH Certified Instructor
  • NLP Performance Enhancement Coach / Practitioner

Specializing in:

  • Golf Mental Alpha Coaching
  • Sports Performance
  • Anger Control Coaching
  • Wellness / Health Programs
  • Group Coaching / Speaking Programs
Now of course some people are probably thinking - I don't want this guy doing Hypnosis with me, what if he makes me quack like a duck or who knows what might happen. Well, here's my answer to that -- I charge extra for making people quack like a duck. No, that's not going to happen. Besides, You must not have noticed, I said "Self Hypnosis Instruction" that means I'm going to be teaching You how to Hypnotize Yourself - the correct way.
Do I do Hypnotherapy? No - I don't do therapy. There are plenty of others out there that will be glad to do therapy. I want to help You make changes - find solutions - play better Golf and enjoy it more.
Look around the site here - especially the links at the top of this page and You'll find some useful information - some articles, Quotes about Golf, maybe even a few funny pictures You can share with Your friends and other Golfers.
And of course if You know someone who plays something besides Golf -- hockey, football, baseball, basketball, etc. -- Sports Hypnosis is how I got into working with Golfers because so many athletes who play other sports - especially the pro athletes - play Golf as well. So You can tell them about me too - AFTER I help You with Your game.

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